Color Correction Demo 2009

Color Corrected and Processed By: Jeremiah Belt

Shot By: Blare Media

This Color Correction Demo shows the immense flexibility, creative looks, and general fixes that can be achieved through a professional DI/Color Correction work-flow. All of the footage in this piece was shot on a RED Digital Cinema, RED One camera at 4K and 3K resolutions. They were then Color Corrected and rendered down to 1080P HD before being encoded for the web. The RED One camera has the ability to shoot at extreme resolutions in a digital RAW (unexposed or non-destructive) format. Basically the digital equivalent to 35mm film. This gives a Colorist, like myself tremendous leeway and creative control over the final look of a piece. Most of the footage in this demo I processed in Log color space instead of a Linear color space. This allows for a softer, less clipped and harsh roll-off, gradation of the highlights regardless of whether your final output will be in linear space. All of the Color Correction process in this demo can be achieved and applied to any medium (DV, DVCPRO, BetaSP, HDV, P2, etc..) but 35mm film, Uncompressed HD, and now the RED cameras have the most color leeway for extreme corrections and styles without adverse effects of grain and artifacts from compression.

All of the footage above was shot by BLARE Media and on their RED One camera system. They are one of the few production houses in the San Joaquin valley that own a RED camera and can offer this high quality medium.

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  1. On April 7, 2009, Justin McAleece wrote:

    This demo is great, and the shots aren’t too bad either (shameless plug). This type of thing is important to learning just how vital a colorist or DI process is to the overall look of a final piece. I can set the RED to look better upon initial output but when it comes down to it every shot is different and should be treated that way. 35mm film is no different and almost everything you see in the theatre has undergone drastic photochemical or digital grading. Thanks to Jeremiah for all his hard work and dedication and helping us win an Addy this year for the Xgliders ad that aired nationally.


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